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Superintendent's Note


Over the past several months, the ESC of Central Ohio Governing Board examined the agency’s guiding principles to ensure alignment and impact on services provided. These guiding principles include the ESC’s vision, purpose, values and goals (see below). The Governing Board’s assessment included on-site visits to conduct interviews and facilitate focus groups, a review of past agency plans and reports, and surveys to capture stakeholder perceptions.

The assessment reviewed the work of the ESC through three overarching components: leadership, accountability and planning, and culture. Each component plays an integral role in the overall performance of a successful organization and within each component are areas of focus, allowing for a detailed analysis of the work and closer identification of strengths and needs with evidence supporting each.

The Governing Board expressed unanimous agreement that the establishment of these guiding principles continues to be very important and believes the components of the principles are important and do guide the work of the ESC. The guiding principles provide an identity for the agency’s work as well as direction for the superintendent, treasurer and all staff. The Governing Board ensured the importance and relevance of the guiding principles through discussions with the ESC’s senior leadership team and plans to continue doing so moving forward.

It is critical that we, as an agency, continue to refocus our work on these guiding principles to ensure that our impact is aligned to the needs of our districts, schools, partners and, most importantly, the children we all serve.



An educational solutions agency meeting the needs of today, while being focused on the future, driven by innovation and choice.


The ESC of Central Ohio leads when necessary, supports all stakeholders and seeks to share and leverage resources on behalf of its client school districts and partners.


Respect: We honor the diverse needs of those we serve.

Service: We value the opportunity to be of service.

Collaboration: We foster strong relationships with our partners.

Accountability: We are answerable for our actions and behaviors.


Build and sustain relationships that advance our vision, purpose and values.

Make optimum use of all available resources.

Provide programs and services that improve outcomes for students.