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Physical Literacy

See how students are using personalized physical literacy in Groveport Madison Local Schools.

The ESC of Central Ohio offers the STEP program as a service to Central Ohio schools. The STEP program focuses on improving physical literacy skills to improve academic performance. We currently have two certified STEP program leaders who can help set up an implementation plan, and our experts are available to provide more details upon request.

To learn more, check out the information and resources below.

You can also visit the official STEP website at STEPtoday.com/us/.

About Physical Literacy and the STEP Program

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical Literacy is the mastering of the core physical skills of balance, coordination, and eye-tracking through personalized exercises. Students who confidently develop their physical literacy are proven to learn more effectively, socialize more easily, and participate more positively both inside and outside the classroom.

How Does STEP Work?

STEP is facilitated by certified educators who work directly with schools to improve academic outcomes and reach maximum potential. Many schools and districts administer STEP to improve the abilities for students to learn, pay attention, and improve individual student achievement.

Who Should Participate?

STEP is designed specifically for those who struggle with focus and attention, and perhaps show signs of behavioral issues.

The best success rates are shown by students in the lowest academic percentile of the class who are not meeting their performance potential.

While benefits may appear in students with disabilities, STEP is not designed for, and has not been sufficiently tested in, that area.

Where's the Proof?

STEP has been implemented, tested and analyzed in school districts around the world. Following are some case studies and a pilot program report outlining how STEP has help improved academic achievement.

Groveport-Madison School District, Columbus, OH

Garnteg Primary School, Wales

Itawamba County School District, Mississippi

Scott County School District, Mississippi

See the official pilot results in this report by Innovationbubble.

Information and Resources

Physical Literacy Insight At-A-Glance
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Frequently Asked Questions
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How Can My School Get Involved?

Think Physical Literacy and STEP would be a good addition at your school/district? We’d be happy to schedule an initial meeting to discuss program requirements and set an implementation plan.

Contact Tom Reed, Executive Director of Achievement at the ESC of Central Ohio.

Tom.Reed@escco.org | 614.542.4120

For more information please submit the form below.