EL Instructional Strategies

These resources are meant to guide you through a variety of instructional strategies associated with teaching English Learners. Many are practiced and proven, and great sources for engaging ELs of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

ELL White Paper | University of Minnesota
50 Essential Resources for EL Students

From speaking to writing, this webpage has 50 of the best English resources gathered all in one place to help you become fluent in no time.
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IRIS Module

This module from the Iris Center demonstrates effective instructional practices for teaching English Learners.

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Everything ESL

Judie Haynes, an experienced ESL teacher from New Jersey, shares resources, best practices and tips for teaching ELs.

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OneStopEnglish is a part of Macmillan Education, and contains more than 9,000 resources including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards.

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Institution of Education Sciences

IES lists programs and interventions that are backed by evidence for being successful.

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Reading Rockets

Learn some of the most effective ways to teach EL students, how to create a welcoming classroom, and ways to promote family involvement.

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Reading Rockets is a sister site of Colorin Colorado.

An App for ELL?

In today’s digi-centric world, it seems as though an app exists for anything. Learn how that rings true with ELs.

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