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ED Collaborative Learning Centers

The Educational Service Center of Central Ohio offers classes designed to support the unique needs of students in a public school setting who experience significant emotional and behavioral challenges that impede learning. Students are supported by a team of highly skilled and licensed/certified professionals including a teacher, paraprofessional, transition specialist and a mental health specialist, as deemed appropriate.

The staff, provided by the ESC, works collaboratively with district personnel to develop and implement Individualized Education Program goals. In addition, the staff assists students, parents and district personnel and serves as liaisons among school and mental health agencies in the community.

The program design promotes and facilitates student access to the general education environment through a blend of educational and mental health strategies and supports to ensure comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of each student.

Students participating in the ED Collaborative Learning Centers benefit from small group instruction as well as a highly specialized and structured learning environment.

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