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Ventures Academy is an alternative education program providing a structured and safe learning environment to students in need of social, emotional and behavioral interventions. Our highly-qualified, licensed and certified professionals specialize in delivering individualized instruction that enhances self-efficacy and strengthens students’ academic and social skills. Ventures Academy works alongside each student’s home district and conducts routine student evaluations to ensure progress on educational and personal goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intake process to send a student to Ventures Academy?

If the district doesn’t own a seat, the district will need to purchase one in the age-appropriate classroom for the student. Seats are purchased on an annual basis. Ventures Academy has one elementary (1st-5th grades), one middle school (6th-8th grades) and two high school (9th-12th grades) rooms, with 10 available student seats in each classroom.  If all seats are purchased, the ESC’s special education coordinator can ask districts if they would be willing to sell their open seat to that district.

Districts are required to complete the ESC’s Referral Packet and submit all required documents, schedule a tour with the district representative, student and guardian, meet as a team to discuss placement at Ventures to ensure it is an appropriate placement for the student, amend the IEP and complete the Ventures Academy Contract Form.

What are the school hours?

Students enter the building at 7:45am and leave for the day at 2:00pm.

How does Ventures support the student’s transition back to the district?

The best transition back to the school district is a collaborative effort between Ventures Academy and home school staff.  Once a student has been successful in demonstrating the goal behaviors for a pre-determined amount of time, Ventures Academy staff will work with the district to establish a schedule for the student to transition back to the district full time.  If transitioning in the middle of the school year, it is best to begin the transition at a quarter/semester break, and begin with one day a week, and add days per week in the home school.  This allows a collaborative approach to ensure the student is able to be successful in the home school.  Some students prefer to transition back to their home school at the beginning of the school year; but even with this transition, it is important to hold team meetings and schedule tours to the home school in the spring to ensure the student will be appropriately supported the beginning of the new school year.

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