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The State of Ohio Gifted Operating Standards have been revised to recognize the importance of supporting professional development for general education classroom teachers. The requirements for earning an Educator Gifted Academy certificate include coursework in the areas of nature and needs and curriculum and instruction of and for gifted students.


The Gifted Academy consists of four 15-hour, online courses or two 30-hour, online courses which comply with the revised requirements. Courses begin with an in-person kickoff session.

For each course, graduates will receive an Educator Gifted Academy certificate, and by adding the course to their IPDP, become qualified service providers for gifted students. Facilitators of this course have gifted endorsement and direct teaching experience.

*Ashland University graduate credit will also be available for an additional fee.
*If courses are taken for Ashland credit and the educator wishes to work on the gifted endorsement through Ashland, the first endorsement course, Nature and Needs, will be waived.

NEW | Starting with Summer 2018 academies, school administrators are invited to join us at the kick off class at the ESC of Central Ohio as a guest when their teachers register. Administrators now have responsibility for observing general education teachers who have had or are taking Gifted HQPD, so our first class will provide a breakout session exclusively for administrators and will cover evaluation tools for gifted education.


Have a large number of staff interested in taking our Gifted Academy courses?  We provide on-site kick off courses to districts with between 18-25 educators taking either Gifted Academy course. Contact us for more information.

Course Details

Course One | 15 and 30 hour options

The first course consists of an in-person, four-hour class and supplementary online readings, exercises and assignments.

Course One | Introduction (30 contact hours)

  • Part a | Characteristics & Identification (15 contact hours)
  • Part b | Questioning Techniques & Lesson Revision (15 contact hours)

*  In-person classes will take place at the ESC of Central Ohio Central Office building.
*  Courses are limited to 50 participants.


Course Two | 15 and 30 hour options

The second class consists of an in-person, four-hour class, job-embedded exercises and assignments. This course culminates with an in-person, two-hour after school class.

Course Two | Deeper Dive (30 contact hours)

  • Part a | Social-Emotional Needs & Underrepresented Populations (15 contact hours)
  • Part b | Differentiation Plans & Written Education Plans (WEPs) (15 contact hours)

*  In-person classes will take place at the ESC of Central Ohio Central Office building.
*  Courses are limited to 50 participants.


Janet Gillig
Executive Director of Student Services
ESC of Central Ohio  |  614.753.4650

Patricia Farrenkopf
Gifted Consultant