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Training Requirements: Administrator | School-Based

Courses are available for completion during two time periods: Fall and Winter.

While most courses require training renewal in different increments, note that there are some trainings for new employees only.


Discriminatory Harassment | Identification and Response

Renewal | Every 2 years, on odd years (New hires required upon year hired)

Term | Fall

Employee Handbook | COG and ESC Staff

Renewal | Annual

Term | Fall

ESCCO Electronic Data Security

Renewal | Annual

Term | Fall

Fire Safety

Renewal | Annual

Term | Winter

HB276 Modules

1 – Preventing Child Abuse and Human Trafficking | Renewal: Every 5 Years

2 – Depression and Self-Destructive Behavior | Renewal: Every 5 Years

3 – School Violence | Renewal: Every 5 Years

4 – Substance Abuse Prevention | Renewal: Every 5 Years

5 – Positive Youth Development | Renewal: Every 5 Years

Lockout | Tagout Awareness

New Hires Only 

Ohio Ethical Use of Tests

Renewal | Annual

Term | Winter

Ohio Ethics Law

New Hires Only

Reporting Fraud | Ohio

New Hires Only

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